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Serving Anaheim Hills and neighboring cities for the last 15 years.

Academic Program

"The most important period of life is not the age of University studies but the first one, the period from birth to age six."

Dr. Maria Montessori

Our Goals

  • To stimulate children to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically towards their full potential
  • To allow children the freedom to learn at their own pace in atmosphere of respect and understanding of individual differences
  • To encourage children to experience the joy of learning and the intrinsic satisfaction that comes with mastery of concepts and fundamental skills through creative use of attractive, self-correcting materials and activities
  • To capitalize on their natural curiosity and guide their energies to enhance their sensory-motor and perceptual skills, language ability, creativity, social development by caring, well trained staff

Our Curriculum

Here is an overview of our school’s curriculum. It includes our regular academic subjects as well as and other extra-curricular activities which are designed as enrichment programs beyond activities. This curriculum follows the California Standards.

Academic Life

Reading emphasizes the skills needed to read with clarity and expression. It also promotes the skill of comprehension, vocabulary, word families, higher level thinking, and a solid phonetic background needed for the increased academic demands of the future.

Language Arts is done on a daily basis. Its emphasis is on building communication, listening, thinking, and vocabulary skills both in writing and oral forms. It also builds on writing fluency and expression, grammar, sentence structure which is incorporated in expository and narrative writings.

Mathematics promotes the basic mathematical functions and application in the areas of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, patterns, place value, measurements, fractions, time, money, graphs and temperature. It also challenges students as they develop their problem solving skills, and are introduced to geometry and pre-algebra.

Social Studies is designed to help students understand the world around them. It engages students in the study of history, geography, economics, government and civics. It allows students to have an understanding of the values that are necessary to function effectively as responsible citizens. It is also designed to assist students to solve problems and make reasonable decisions in their daily lives.

Science is an activity based program. It allows students to become aware of the physical and natural world and phenomena by using systematic observation and experiments. Students enhance their studies through life, earth and physical science. Student participation is highly encouraged as they are required to work individually and is groups, to observe, record date, test and predict outcomes. Students also take nature walks and go on special trips, and take part in our annual science fair.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Spanish is specifically designed for beginning Spanish learners. We emphasize the importance of fun in learning a new language. Students learn basic vocabulary words using pictures as well as in the abstract. They also write sentences and engage in conversational Spanish with their teacher and peers.

Computer Lab is done twice a week. Here, students are exposed to the different parts of the computer and learn basic keyboarding skills. They are also able to type documents and use features such as: spell check, cut and paste, fonts to enhance the appearance of their work. They also learn how to create things from shapes, to paint and color in pictures to build upon skills taught in class and more importantly to follow directions.

Art Work is done once a week. Students learn the basic color patterns, etching, pencil and color paintings and rules of being a young artist. Students are encourages to be as creative as possible and are allowed to express their innermost thoughts and feelings through art.

Physical Education focus is on developing motor skills, health fitness play, physical movement concepts and discipline. This is done through a balance of skills, concepts, games, rhythms and sports which are designed to improve their muscular strength and endurance.

Music actively involves our students as they use their voices, body and movement in developing both skills and understanding in the basic elements of music. This is done through drama, games, singing, dance and playing musical instruments. Students prepare musical selections for our Holiday Program.

Other School Activities

Recess is done on a daily basis. Students are encouraged to socialize and interact in a way that is respectful to themselves and others. Safe play and games are encouraged as well as the use of acceptable classroom language. Students are carefully supervised during this time.

Library time is allocated every day at school and at home. Each student must be supervised as they read and record their readings on a reading log to be submitted to the teacher at a designated time.